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Ha Long Vietnamese Cuisine is a family owned and operated quick service restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and catering services.   We offer marinated meats for your convenience. 

Our family has a long background in the restaurant industry with several other establishments throughout southern California. The service is always warm and friendly.  When you walk in you will be greeted with a cheerful “welcome” and the wafting aroma of BBQ that will make your mouth water. We believe in freshness, wholesome, and homemade.  Only the finest ingredients go into our dishes.

Our Glass noodles was featured in OC Weekly October 2012

Edwin Goei says: “it’s lighter than the pad Thai, but more substantial than the cold noodle salad called bun, this is as fine a takeout food as you’ll ever have. “

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What Our Customers Say

The extensive menu has the Vietnamese basics  like spring rolls, eggrollsbanh mi ( baguette sandwiches) , noodles, rice dishes and stir-fries.  Here are just a few  dishes that yelpers rave about.

Spaghetti Basil…

Spaghetti Basil

Mymy L. says “the beef spaghetti basil is the kind of stuff that would make a carb conscious person cry. It’s one of the best spaghetti dishes that I’ve had – and from a Vietnamese restaurant, go figure! Not overly saucy and with the fragrant goodness of basil and sauteed onions. Pick up a large tray for parties and it’ll be a guaranteed hit.”

Chris C.  Says his “personal recommendation is the Spaghetti Basil with Beef. SOLID. ”

Qster H. said “I found out about Ha Long during a friend’s Super Bowl party a few months ago. He suggested I try the spaghetti which I initially thought it was catered by a Italian restaurant. After a few bites, I had to inquire where he bought the tray of spaghetti from because it was so amazing! Anyhow, he showed me the to go menu and I made it a point to go there for myself. I order the spaghetti basil beef and once again. Mind blown!! It’s soo delicious! They say you have to go to Bolsa to eat good Vietnamese food, but there is an exception to the rule ever since I discovered Ha Long. I live in Santa Ana and I drive to Irvine to get my spaghetti fix and Vietnamese food to go. “

Crispy eggrolls…golden crispy deliciousness

 Tam D. says “the eggrolls were absolutely DEELICIOUS and everyone loved them. ”

Iced French roast cafe… our special blend of French roast beans are ground fresh daily. we use a slow drip method to produce an exceptional espresso.  We add condensed milk and a touch of hazelnut. Strong, sweet, not bitter.

Ken W. thinks “the iced Vietnamese coffee is the absolute best.  It’s a sip of sweet delicious chicory coffee goodness.”

Spam & BBQ pork sandwich…the foundation of every great sandwich is in the bread. We bake our fresh baguettes daily. Each sandwich is toasted and made to order. They are filled with our house mayo, pâté spread, soy sauce, pickled carrots and daikon, sliced cucumbers, fresh cilantro, slivers of jalapeño peppers, and black pepper.
Banh Mi

Robert G. thinks its “The best Vietnamese sandwiches in Irvine by far. Way better quality than Lee’s. The spam & BBQ pork sandwich is a must try. My wife hates spam but took a bite, actually three bites, of my sandwich without knowing it had spam on it and raved about how flavorful it was. When I told her what it was she instantly changed her mind about spam and asked me to share more with her. ”

Our Location

We are conveniently located next to Subway in the Target / LA Fitness shopping center at Barranca and Culver in Irvine.

Please click HERE to browse our extensive menu or give us a call at (949) 654-3736.

Ha Long Cuisine
3850 Barranca Parkway
Irvine CA 92606
(949) 654-3736
Open everyday 10:00 am – 8:30 pm

Call (949) 654-3736 to cater your next event!

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Our Signature Dishes

Garlic Butter Chicken wings
Garlic Butter Chicken wings

BBQ Chicken Skewers
BBQ Chicken Skewers

Korean BBQ rice plate
Korean BBQ rice plate

Oven roasted chicken rice plate
Oven roasted chicken rice plate

BBQ chicken rice plate
BBQ chicken rice plate